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By RTGSA, 01/31/16, 9:00PM PST




RTGSA OPENING DAY – Saturday, February 6


8:30am Coaches and Team Mom 

- Organize Team for Opening Day Parade on basketball courts. Please stand by your team name/stake.

- Full uniforms must be worn. Headbands, bows etc.

- Each team will have a sign with name to know where to assemble on basket ball courts.

- Parents should bring low back chairs, EZ-Ups and blankets to set-up on the field/grass as a “home base” for their team for the day. Parents are encouraged to sit down here to watch the parade and opening day. Please allow room on the infield for all the girls.

- BRING BLANKETS/TARPS FOR THE GIRLS to sit on while in staging area and then on the grass field (especially helpful if the early morning is damp). Each team will have a sign on the field as to where to have them sit.

- Bring team banner or pennants. Girls will carry this and walk the parade.

- Participate in the Opening Day Parade with coach and asst. coaches and Team mom


9:00 Opening Ceremonies Start - Field #1

- MC will announce teams starting with 12U girls in alphabetical order of Coaches names.

- Teams will walk from basketball courts in 1 single line to home plate on Field 1. Please leave space between teams so each team can STOP and be introduced at home plate by the MC. Only the Team name will be announced...not the entire roster. Then teams will proceed onto the field to their designated spot where there team sign is. Have your girls stand up. We will form a tunnel with 12U-10U-8U to allow the 6U girls to walk under. Blankets/ tarps should have been put for girls to sit down on after the parade.

- Opening Ceremonies will begin immediately after parade

- Special Guest Lauren Chamberlain
    Additional Guests:
    2015 10U Gold District Team
    Brad Girr - RSM City Council



- Teams move to their next stations



- Stations begin (Pictures, Hit-A-Thon, Agility/Team Building). All teams are scheduled for all events.  


Pictures Field #2

- Arrive at picture area according to schedule. Package # D is free and provided by league at no charge.  Individual Makeup pictures will be later. Time/location TBD. No entire team’s makeup.

- Make sure girls have their completed picture forms. Please bring 1 bat for your team.

- Parents will not be allowed in picture area. Only the Team, Coaches and Team Mom

- Remind families to not walk behind photographers.


Hit-a-Thon - Field #4

- Arrive at Hit-a-thon according to schedule

- Make sure girls have their completed Hit-a-thon forms and give to Deirdre Orlando who will be at this station.


Agility/Team Building (Agility led by Coach Fitzpatrick and SMCHS Players) - Field #3

- Arrive at AGILITY/TEAM BUILDING according to schedule. The agility/training team will be working with each team individually. Have girls bring their glove and bats.

Thank you,

Special Events Team



Arrive 10am 10U Strautch Arrive 10:00am 10U Orlando Arrive 10:00am 8U Basciano
Pics 10:15 10U Tanioka 10U Proctor 8U Finneran
10U Gonzalez 10U Van Winkle 8U Flores
Arrive 10:15am 6U Black Arrive 10:15am 10U Villarreal Arrive 10:15am 8U Gruner
Pics 10:30 6U Born 12U Conry 8U Goodman
6U Capek 12U Oden 8U Hudson
Arrive 10:30am 6U Ganes Arrive 10:30am 12 U Relph Arrive 10:30am 8U Lamb
Pics 10:45 6U Goodwin 12U Slowensky 8U Macchiaroli
6U Haupt 12U Woods 10U Fullerton
Arrive 10:45am 8U Basciano Arrive 10:45am 10U Strautch Arrive 10:45am 10U Orlando
Pics 11:00 8U Finneran 10U Tanioka 10U Proctor
8U Flores 10U Gonzalez 10U Van Winkle
Arrive 11am 8U Gruner Arrive 11:00am 6U Black Arrive 11:00am 10U Villarreal
Pics 11:15 8U Goodman 6U Born 12U Conry
8U Hudson 6U Capek 12U Oden
Arrive 11:15am 8U Lamb Arrive 11:15am 6U Ganes Arrive 11:15am 12 U Relph
Pics 11:30 8U Macchiaroli 6U Goodwin 12U Slowensky
10U Fullerton 6U Haupt 12U Woods
Arrive 11:30am 10U Orlando Arrive 11:30am 8U Basciano Arrive 11:30am 10U Strautch
Pics 11:45 10U Proctor 8U Finneran 10U Tanioka
10U Van Winkle 8U Flores 10U Gonzalez
Arrive 11:45am 10U Villarreal Arrive 11:45am 8U Gruner Arrive 11:45am 6U Black
Pics 12:00pm 12U Conry 8U Goodman 6U Born
12U Oden 8U Hudson 6U Capek
Arrive 12:00pm 12 U Relph Arrive 12:00pm 8U Lamb Arrive 12:00pm 6U Ganes
Pics 12:15pm 12U Slowensky 8U Macchiaroli 6U Goodwin
12U Woods 10U Fullerton 6U Haupt